2020-08-11 - RoboPhobik is coming!

It took me five years.... but finally my new game, RoboPhobik, is coming: September 25, 2020 - on Steam! For deeper infos... the MORE button is there for a reason :)
Some random answers to questions you might (or might not) have:

- The genre is a wierd mix of shoot'em up and "turn based" combat: you move / shoot while trying to avoid enemy's shots... but if you stop, enemy robots won't detect you, allowing you to plan your actions carefully (cool and very useful when taking screenshots - or debugging :)

- Controls are super-easy: just 4 buttons and a 4 way dpad! You can still play with an analog stick if you want, but a SNES-like pad works like a charm (if you are a WASD-believer (like me) and you want to play with your keyboard, feel free to do so!)

- Even if the gameplay is arcade-like, the story is not super-stripped (at least, by Haruneko's standard :) Compared to Amazing Princess Sarah or Akane the Kunoichi, you'll get way more characters, plot twists... and many, many cutscenes - just don't expect Hollywood, RoboPhobik is still a one man effort (except for the beautiful cover by DCWJ, I created almost everything by myself - this time I even composed the music, a first for me)

- After the initial PC Steam release, console versions will follow next year... probably, Xbox / Switch