2017-02-22 - Coming (not-so) soon: City of Robots!

During the last year I've been working very hard on Haruneko's next project, called City of Robots! For more info, check the MORE button below :)
Glad you clicked the MORE button :)

First: City of Robots is stated for release by 2016-Q4 / 2017-Q1, so it's still in a galaxy far far away!

Second: I've already got something playable, but the graphic is not polished enough, so I prefer to wait some more weeks before showing anything.

Third: some info of what it's going to be. It's a arcade shooter, mixed with a dungeon crawler, mixed with an RPG, with a slice of turn-based combat - I know it sounds like a mess, but it will make sense when you'll try it :)
This time it's not 2d based, instead everything uses 3d polys, with some things made with 3d voxel. But don't worry, Haruneko's style is definitely there.
There's a story, an RPG-lite one, that will tell you the incredible adventures of a group of women that saved the earth during the 70s (before you ask, no, it's NOT based on a true story :)

More details will arise during the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!