Akane the Kunoichi
Available now on:
PC Windows (Steam) (Desura)
Xbox 360 Indie Games
Windows Phone 7
iPhone / iPad

You are Akane, a Kunoichi ninja secretely loving her master Goro, a noble samurai. One day Goro is kidnapped by the evil Hiromi and her minions you have to rescue him, but it won't be an easy task! Many enemies will try to stop you, and you'll have to be brave to fight against the evil ninjas and huge monsters loyal to Hiromi.

- Easy to pick-up and play but difficult to fully master
- Ultra-smooth action @ 60 fps
- 3 secret ninja techniques
- 5 different environments
- 5 huge bosses
- 15 stages
- 45 hidden Charming Lost Kimonos to catch!!!
- Steam Achievements (Steam only)
- iCade support (iPad/iPhone only)

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