2020-09-26 - RoboPhobik is finally available on Steam!

RoboPhobik, is finally available! The game is probably something you never played before, so I heavily suggest to go to Steam and play the free demo:

- it's a shooter, but you are encouraged to shoot "consciously" (you don't have dual stick controls, you can't walk while shooting, etc...): plus the gameplay won't penalize you if you'll stand still before acting

- it's not a puzzle game

- it's not a strategy game: controls are "4-directions + shoot", there are no action menus or stuff like that... (the yellow tile overlay you see in the screenshot is to tell where the enemies will shoot)

- enemy movement is restricted to "tiles", player is free to move anywhere

2020-08-11 - RoboPhobik is coming!

It took me five years.... but finally my new game, RoboPhobik, is coming: September 25, 2020 - on Steam! For deeper infos... the MORE button is there for a reason :)
Some random answers to questions you might (or might not) have:

- The genre is a wierd mix of shoot'em up and "turn based" combat: you move / shoot while trying to avoid enemy's shots... but if you stop, enemy robots won't detect you, allowing you to plan your actions carefully (cool and very useful when taking screenshots - or debugging :)

- Controls are super-easy: just 4 buttons and a 4 way dpad! You can still play with an analog stick if you want, but a SNES-like pad works like a charm (if you are a WASD-believer (like me) and you want to play with your keyboard, feel free to do so!)

- Even if the gameplay is arcade-like, the story is not super-stripped (at least, by Haruneko's standard :) Compared to Amazing Princess Sarah or Akane the Kunoichi, you'll get way more characters, plot twists... and many, many cutscenes - just don't expect Hollywood, RoboPhobik is still a one man effort (except for the beautiful cover by DCWJ, I created almost everything by myself - this time I even composed the music, a first for me)

- After the initial PC Steam release, console versions will follow next year... probably, Xbox / Switch

2017-02-22 - Coming (not-so) soon: City of Robots!

During the last year I've been working very hard on Haruneko's next project, called City of Robots! For more info, check the MORE button below :)
Glad you clicked the MORE button :)

First: City of Robots is stated for release in the second half of 2018, so it's still in the "not-so-soon" league

Second: I've already got something playable, but the graphic is not polished enough, so I prefer to wait some more weeks before showing anything.

Third: some info of what it's going to be. It's a arcade shooter, mixed with a dungeon crawler, mixed with an RPG, with a slice of turn-based combat - I know it sounds a little wierd, but I can guaranteed it will be great when you'll try it :)
This time it's a 3d game with some things made with 3d voxel. But don't worry, Haruneko's style is definitely there.
The "RPG-lite" story will tell you the incredible adventures of a group of women that saved the earth during the 70s (before you ask, no, it's NOT based on a true story :)

More details will arise during the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

2016-01-29 - Amazing Princess Sarah is now available on Xbox One!

Today Sarah is available on the Xbox One. You can check it here
Today Sarah is available on the Xbox One. You can check it here. Really curious about how well (or not :( she'll perform!